Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Video Installation : DUSTED 1998 / HOVER 1999 (top)

We found the work ‘Dusted’ by Peter Sarkisan extremely visually stunning and evocative, prompting an instant response and interest. Sarkisian is an artist who had come to our attention whilst researching Tony Oursler.

Within a darkened space a 3ft cube is projected on from five angles, whilst peering into the box of murky images, which, has the eyes adjust show the figures of a male and female, giving the viewer an exploration into voyeurism, the predecessor to ‘Hover’. Sarkisian’s cubes are themes on the human life cycle.

From ‘Hover’ we get the suggestion of entrapment, much like the projected figures in ‘Dusted’, the young male and older female moving about the cube, pressing against the inner sides, testing their escape, whilst the illusion of the cube slowly rotates, picking up momentum as it progresses.

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